Quick checks of large websites

Scanners monitor the tracking. Around the clock. On large and small websites. They help to detect missed tracking or incorrect data. You are even able to test the contents of tracking parameters

Full Overview

Scanners offer in-depth evaluation possibilities like individual tracking parameters and further information such as loading time and incorrect links

Set up a Scanner in only three steps

Carry out basic steps

Name your Scanner, set the URL of the homepage, choose a daily limit of scans and pick the tracking tools to check

Test configuration

In order to check the tracking in a more detailed fashion on all or only a particular page, you can configure Tests for the Scanner. Columbo checks not only if the tracking tools exist, it also checks if the tracked data corresponds with your specifications

Advanced settings

There are additional settings if needed, e.g. Use Columbo to simulate a smartphone or exclude certain subpages


The Scanner results are displayed clearly. On request Columbo provides details of every checked page from loading time to every single tracking parameter
500 Scans for free

Test your website tracking with Columbo